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Successful Clinical Response In Pneumonia Therapy (SCRIPT) Systems Biology Center


The Successful Clinical Response In Pneumonia Treatment (SCRIPT) systems biology center seeks to delineate the complex host/pathogen interactions occurring at the alveolar level that lead to unsuccessful response to therapy in serious pneumonia. We will leverage our unique access to alveolar fluid collected as part of routine clinical care in mechanically ventilated patients to generate clinical phenomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic and metagenomic data that describe the host response, pathogen characteristics and microbiome of the alveolar space during pneumonia. We will then integrate this comprehensive phenotypic data into an ecosystem-based model to generate predictive biomarkers of pneumonia outcome for subsequent validation in a second cohort and tested for causality in a humanized alveolar macrophage mouse model. 


Richard G Wunderink, MD, PI of SCRIPT Project